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How SEO Makes Your Flooring Company Stand Out

It's not easy to stay in business these days. You've got to fight for every customer, and there's no way around it.

No matter how good you are, there's always going to be a competitor out there who is willing to undercut you on price.

Fortunately, there are other ways to stand out.

The internet is a powerful tool that allows companies of all sizes to grow their business, connect with customers, and make more money.

The problem is, many business owners don’t know how to use the internet to achieve their goals.
Search engine optimization can help.

You can enjoy long lasting benefits when you invest in flooring contractor SEO services for your flooring restoration company.


Why Flooring Restoration Companies Need SEO

It’s no secret that there is a lot of competition out there in the world of flooring contracting.

Even in a small town, there are a multiple companies vying for the same business.

If you’re hoping to be successful in this industry, you need to be able to compete with all of the other flooring restoration businesses in your area. Flooring company SEO can set you apart.

Let’s talk about consumers.

More and more people are going online to do their shopping. That’s why it’s important for flooring restoration companies to understand SEO.

If you’re not familiar with SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is all about making your website more visible on search engines, like Google.

In the end, flooring SEO generates leads, improves website traffic, and makes your business more visible to the people looking for your services.

Flooring Restoration SEO Example

Why Is SEO Important?

As we just discussed, search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of ensuring that your website is well-positioned in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a variety of keywords.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of marketing for your flooring restoration business.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the results that come up when you use Google or another search engine to search for something, you’ve experienced the power of SEO.

The higher your website ranks on a SERP, the more likely someone is to click on it and visit your site.
This is accomplished by ensuring that the website content is search engine friendly and that the website is easily crawled by search engine crawlers.

How Do I Get My Flooring Restoration Company On The First Page of Google?

There are many strategies and tactics to move your flooring restoration company up the search results. At Restoration Rocket, we use a combination of these tactics.

Every business is different.

Some owners choose to take a crack at flooring SEO themselves. If that’s you, try these strategies to rank higher on Google for the keywords related to your business:

  • Use reviews to build your reputation in the local market.
    Responding to every review, good or bad
  • List your company’s name, address, and phone number on business directories
  • Build links with other local businesses and organizations
  • Create content on your website that talks about your local area
SEO Graphic

SEO Services For Flooring Restoration Companies

Even well-established companies can benefit from having a strategy in place to capture more organic leads online. Your website needs to do more than just present a few images and offer up a phone number. There's much more to SEO for flooring companies.

To rank well in search, your website must give people all of the information that they are looking for. Customers will want to know things like:

  • What areas you serve
  • What services you offer
  • What your turnaround time is
  • What flooring types you work on
  • What equipment and products you use
  • If you sub-contract work
  • What your pricing options are
  • Where you’re located in the area
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • What other customers have to say about you

And that’s just what they want to know about you. They’ll have even more questions that relate to their own situation.

To address all of those items comprehensively, your website may have dozens of pages. To be successful in search, all of that content must be properly structured. Not just for readers, but for search engines as well.

The better search engines understand your business the better off you’ll be. If the search engines believe your website is the best resource for people needing flooring restoration in the area, you’ll be at the top of the search.

You have a lot on your plate as a business owner, so let us take care of this for you.

We take care of all the updates for you, making sure your business has the best flooring SEO services possible.


Choosing to dedicate yourself to the flooring industry is a lot of hard work, but the reward of providing exceptional service to your customers is well worth the effort. If you’re a flooring restoration company looking to grow your business organically, reach out to us to schedule a call.

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