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Is Water Damage SEO Worth The Time and Money For Your Restoration Company?

Can you achieve your goals without it?

If these questions pop up in your mind, then this page is all you need to clear up your doubts.

Despite being widely discussed, SEO is still a subject many entrepreneurs and business owners find difficult to understand. Chances are, you've already heard about water damage SEO and how important it is for your business to succeed.

More than 90% of online experiences begin with search engines, making SEO the most critical factor in defining your business success in this era of cutthroat competition. Experts of this field tag SEO as the lifeblood of a successful business. It can both make or break your business.

A Real Life Example of Water Damage SEO

Let’s say a family living in New York City suffers a water leak in their home and needs to hire a professional company fast! They’d search something like, “water damage near me” or “water damage repair New York City”.

Now, Google, using the location of the user, will show only the water restoration businesses in proximity to their location. If you service New York City, you have to show up in that search.

Your website has to be optimized for that search. If not, that call will go to a competitor. Not just that call, but every other call like it. No matter what areas you service, your business has to appear in the local searches.

Without local SEO, your services won’t be visible to hundreds of potential customers.

Water Damage Local SEO Example

What Is SEO And How Does It Fit In Your Damage Restoration Marketing?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving the ranking of your website on online search platforms. It encompasses multiple strategies, practices, and actions to push your website higher on search engines.

Search engines such as Google or Bing use various factors to determine the order that websites will appear in for a given search result. When someone searches anything, the sites on the first page are more optimized than the ones on the subsequent pages.

Water Damage SEO Example

Why Is SEO Important To Water Restoration Companies?

SEO for water damage restoration companies is considered the most effective  water damage marketing digital strategy to bring your business to new heights. It can introduce a whole bucket of potential customers. With better content, the right keywords, and other KPIs of SEO, you can increase the visibility of your site and outrank the websites of your competitors. 

When your website is optimized with the correct water damage SEO tactics, you can expect:

More Traffic: Your site’s visibility will improve and it will attract more visitors

More Leads: More visitors means more people will be interested in your product or services Subsequently you’ll get more paying customers and increased revenue.  

More Brand Awareness: Your website ranking higher on Google gives it credibility and authority in the eyes of customers worldwide, contributing to new and better growth opportunities. 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a subset of SEO that helps build leads around specific locations and target local searches. It’s a practice of improving your site’s visibility in your area so more people find you, contact you, and hire you. Water damage restoration seo revolves around how good a business's local SEO is executed.

Both traditional and local SEO improve your rankings in search engines. While traditional SEO tends to increase your visibility on a global scale, local SEO focuses on specialized ranking signals to connect you with searches in your area. You can establish a major connection with people in your town, city, or state, putting them one step away from closing a deal with you.   

With the ever-growing mobile audience, local water restoration SEO has become the indispensable part of any small or medium-sized water damage company. People in need of your services will search for the water damage companies close to them so that they can contact to hire someone quickly.   

Do Water Damage Restoration Companies Need SEO?

SEO is just as important for water damage companies as for any other business. No matter the industry, SEO is vital. Whether the company is a small startup or a large national corporation, SEO is amongst the most defining features of digital marketing. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a SEO company like us, this marketing channel cannot be ignored.

The ultimate goal of any business is to boost sales and get an edge over the competition. SEO is accessible to any company. Everyone can play the game. Anyone optimizing their website will have a better chance of appearing at the top of search results. There’s practically no barrier to entry.

Even if you have just launched your water damage company, you can still outrank an established business on search engines by using the right tactics. You can influence the search results if you invest time, money, and effort. SEO has to be part of every damage restoration company marketing plan.

To help water restoration companies worldwide we've published a helpful guide showcasing the most important 10 SEO Tips for Water Damage Companies.

How Much Will SEO Cost A Damage Restoration Company?

Hiring a professional agency to handle water damage restoration SEO for your business is necessary to achieve the highest level of success.

Since websites don’t operate in a vacuum, the price varies significantly depending on the scope of work and the business' positioning compared to the competitors. Also, the price is determined by how quickly you want to expand your business and reach a new audience.

On average, most SEO services can cost you anywhere between $1000-$5000/month. An SEO company will be priced higher because they are more organized, have standard operating procedures, and proven results. A freelancer, on average, charges between $80-$150 per hour for their services.

Although the investment may seem high, a single water damage customer can cover that cost several times over. Multiply that by the dozens of additional damage restoration leads you’ll get and it’s an easy business decision.

According to the below chart from Fixr, the national cost for water damage restoration is about $3,000. They're probably not including reconstruction costs in this chart. Clearly, investing in an SEO company is well worth the money.

Fixr Water Damage Costs

Is SEO Worth the Money for Water Damage Businesses?

Being the most lucrative part of a marketing campaign in almost every industry, SEO is a valuable investment and worth your hard-earned money.

Regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor, have a small start-up, or a large business, investing in SEO for water damage companies can set you apart from other players in the market.   

Marketing water damage companies has rich rewards. Having invested the right efforts and money in SEO, your business can draw relevant customers within an unexpectedly short time. If you feel like trying to implement some items yourself, before hiring an agency, check out our page highlighting SEO tips for water damage companies.

Does SEO Really Work In The Water Restoration Industry?

Statistics show that SEO plays a defining role in promoting your business to the world. An optimized business stands a better chance of ranking higher on search engines and capturing new, previously untapped customers.  Someone out there is actively searching for water damage services and SEO makes sure they find you.

SEO has proven far more effective than PPC (Pay Per Click) in boosting your sales. According to a study, an SEO website attracts almost 20 times more traffic than PPC. Just in the US, only about 2.8% of people using search engines ever click on paid advertisements.   

Simply put, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

How Long Until SEO Takes Effect And Drives Damage Restoration Leads?

No one can give a definitive answer to how long SEO takes to show notable results. It may happen sooner for some businesses compared to others. There are a plethora of factors impacting the SEO results of your website – but it does pay off.

It’s a long-term investment that requires consistent effort, planning, attention, and tweaking to achieve the desired rankings. Try to shortcut the process and Google can penalize you for violating any TOS, drastically reducing your ranking.  

Regardless of the type and scope of a business, clients can expect significant returns within 6 months. The 6-month timeframe approximately when SEO starts picking up steam. The snowball will keep on rolling and you’ll witness an outstanding increase in sales.   

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