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Water Damage Marketing Has Never Been More Important!

With the ever growing number of homes in America that experience water damage, there is no shortage of business for restoration companies.

It's important to have a marketing strategy that will get you more clients.

The key to getting more clients is having an effective marketing plan. We help our water damage SEO clients with this every single day.

Determine what type of leads you want, how you want to get them, and make sure you can do it within your desired profit margins.

Here are some tips on how to increase your leads and close more sales!

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How To Get More Water Damage Restoration Clients

There are a number of strategies that water damage restoration companies use to attract more clients.

The best way for your business to stand out from other competitors and succeed in this competitive industry?

It all comes down how you communicate! What kind of tone should an emergency services company have when they speak on behalf or themselves as well as their customers?

Professionalism will always go over better than anything else. So make sure people know where they can turn if needed during difficult times.

Once you've established your brand and your tone, then you can get your message out through one of the many marketing tactics we will discuss below.


The Most Important Components Of A Successful Water Damage Marketing Campaign

The most successful water damage marketing campaigns are the ones that have a clear plan for how they're going to tackle it.

They know what their goals are and work hard at achieving them, but also stay flexible enough so things don't get too complicated in case something unexpected happens along the way!

Know your audience and their pain points.

Emphasize how quickly you can clean up and restore a space, which will make the customer feel comfortable and trust you with their possessions.

Understand where clients are going when they need help with a water leak in their home. 

Are they asking Google? Are they asking their insurance agent? Are they calling a friend? 

Fish where the fish are.

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How Do You Get Water Restoration Leads?

Search Engine Optimization: The best marketing tactic for a restoration company is to use search engine optimization. SEO is a major way in which businesses are able to succeed nowadays.

SEO will increase your ranking with Google when potential customers are looking up what you offer online.

This means they'll come across more people who show an interest by seeing that their business appears high on a list or even near top results; this could prompt some interested clients into contacting them!

Plus it gives off signals about how professional we really are too - since everyone wants good rankings these days (even if only subconsciously).

SEO also factors heavily into earning new leads from social media channels.

Google Ads: Google Pay Per Click Ads are a great way for restoration companies to market their services and reach new customers.

Google's "PPC" or pay-per click advertising system, provides an effective means of reaching potential clients who may need you most when they're looking online.

By bidding on the keywords that matter most, you'll be on the top of the list whenever someone searches for water damage restoration in your city.

Billboards: No one can doubt the power of billboards when it comes to marketing. Restoration companies are no exception, and they also have found success with this age-old strategy in their arsenal for attracting customers who want quality work done right away!

Billboards help to promote a company in an impactful way. They are still one of the best marketing tactics out there.

Insurance Restoration Leads: With the need for restoration services on an upward trajectory, working with insurance companies can be a powerful marketing tactic.

Working with insurance providers is not only an opportunity but also essential if one hopes their company will continue thriving after major disasters or other unfortunate circumstances arise in the local area.

Don't turn away people who haven't yet filed a claim. Instead, work with them to provide an estimate. With that estimate, they'll be able to file a claim and may use your company for the work.

Why It's So Important To Have A Website In The Restoration Indsutry

The restoration industry is a booming one. It's only getting bigger, and more jobs are being created with every passing day!

That means that if you want your business to have an opportunity at success - having an online presence will help get people through the door.

A website isn't just good for showing off who YOU ARE; it also works in bringing new customers into the fold via search engine results pages (SERPs).

The Top 4 Things Customers Want From Their Water Damage Company

The most important things customers want from their water damage company are:

  1. Fast and effective response
  2. A knowledgeable staff that makes them feel at ease
  3. Fair pricing
  4. The ability to provide an accurate estimate of what it will cost before any work begins.

If you can meet these needs then your chances for success in this industry skyrocket exponentially!

Tips On How To Make Sure Your Marketing Efforts Are Effective

Maintaining a professional tone in all correspondence will go far in establishing credibility for both yourself and any company or organization that might hire on as an affiliate.

First impressions are crucial when it comes down to who people think they're speaking with, so staying true to one's character should always come first before anything else!

There are many ways to make sure your marketing efforts are effective.

One of the most important is setting goals for what you want out of it, then coming up with an action plan on how best approach accomplishing these things and finally executing that strategy in order get there ASAP!

How Much Time and Money Does It Take For An Average Campaign

You must have a grasp of your business metrics around acquisition and where you stand.

The cost of acquiring a new client is worth considering when evaluating how much that customer will ultimately bring in revenue over their lifetime or years with us; however, there's also something else at play here.

Customer retention rates which may affect whether these upfront investments are worthwhile - just ask any company who has ever tried advertising only during football games (bad idea).

Although you may not ever get another call from a customer, you will get their referals.

How long does an average water damage marketing campaign take?

It depends.

For paid ads, the turnaround time is as little as 15 minutes. However, you will use up your budget each and every month. It is a complete churn and burn technique.

Billboards are hard to quantify.

SEO will see results in as little as 3 months. You will see an exponential return on your investment as time goes on.

Wrapping It All Up

Planning is the key to success in any industry. A good water damage marketing plan will include clear goals, precise metrics that can be measured against, and an understanding of your brand’s tone of voice.

From there, you must select what type of marketing tactic to deploy - SEO, paid ads, billboards, Google Ads, or campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook are all common choices for water damage repair companies looking to attract new customers.

We believe SEO is the best tactic to dominate your market and get more water damage leads than you know what to do with.

If you need help getting started with this types of marketing but don't know where to begin, let our team at Restoration Rocket take care of it!

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